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PixelRockstar: Where to Get Photos for Blog

Many creative professionals are pondering where to get photos for blogs. Although a number of stock photos sites are available in the Internet, they just don’t full cover the specific points that are key to blogging. That’s why Amos Struck and the Stock Photo Press team created PixelRockstar. It features a Custom Digital License that is made specially the use of photos on any online publications you own.

Is this the stock photo site for you? Determine your creative needs and budget. Keep in mind that PixelRockstar provides stock photos for digital use only. You cannot use the images on physical and print usage.  Here’s the pricing:

Pixel Package
The Pixel pack comes with 10 images for only $9, which means you can download one image for only $0.90.

Rock Package
The Rock pack allows you to download 50 images for only $35. That’s only $0.70 for each photo.

Star Package
The Star pack includes 350 images for only $200. It is the best choice for great creative needs and a low budget because you can download a single image for only $0.57.

All images in the stock photo site comes with Custom Digital License. PixelRockstar has over 4 million stock images in its library – all integrated right into your WordPress layout. You can search and license images without leaving your blog’s interface. Getting a pack allows you to download a specific number of photos within one year and use them anytime you want.

Here are 4 important points about PixelRockstar:

  • It is plugin service for bloggers.
  • It provides legally-verified photos of the highest quality.
  • It helps save time and effort by simplifying the search and licensing process.
  • It offers a custom license for bloggers.

If you are wondering where to get photos for blog, visit PixelRockstar. It has over 4 million images waiting to be discovered.


Buy Stock Photography from Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a global technology company that caters to all creative professionals, both at the buying and selling end. It licenses content including images, videos and music for every individual’s and business’ creative needs. It also offers innovative tools to power everyone’s creative process. Expanding its portfolio to Bigstock, the stock site presents a high end collection of creative assets that will help you jumpstart or complete an amazing project.


Great stories start with Shutterstock. It has over 100 million pieces of amazing content, waiting to be explored. With Shutterstock, you can:

  • Explore millions of professional photos.
  • Take control with vectors and edit them without losing their quality.
  • Get creative with beautiful illustrations.
  • Find practical and universal icons for your projects.
  • Experience HD and 4K videos, including exclusive ones.
  • Discover hand-picked music that’s not available anywhere.


You can buy stock photography and other stock media assets from the stock site in two ways – credits and subscriptions. You can buy image packs to download the perfect royalty-free images to enhance your message or set yourself apart from your competitors. You can also subscribe to a plan if you have larger and recurring creative needs. Although it is on the higher end of pricing, Shutterstock has flexible image packs and subscription plans to suit your needs.

You can also buy stock photography with an Enhanced license through the Enhance plan. You can use it if you have a larger audience, if you need bigger print runs or if you need more images for merchandise. Enhanced plans provides over 500,000 or more print runs. It allows you to use the images for TV, online videos and films. You can also use them for merchandise for sale. Two images start at $199 and must be downloaded within one year of purchase.

Why should you buy stock photography from Shutterstock? It has one of the largest image collections in the market, with over 84 million royalty-free images in its library. It also has flexible subscription plans and image packs to suit every creative need.